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Standard Park Model Features 

These features are included in all of our park models regardless of floor plan.

Innovative Chassis

Custom designed three-axle chassis with a steel frame, detachable hitch, and galvanized steel underbelly.

Strong Structure

92 mm (3-5/8") cold formed steel structure with 2.44 m (8') high walls and a unique belt rail and 15.9 mm (5/8”) tongue-and-groove sub-flooring glued and screwed to floor joist.

Cozy Insulation

Walls are insulated with mineral wool insulation (R12), ceilings are spray foamed (R22.5), and floors are blown with fibreglass insulation (R40).

Excellent Envelope

6 mm polyethylene vapour barrier, 12.7 mm (1/2”) exterior sheathing, and exterior building wrap.

Quality Roof

Roof pitch varies by model, all roofs are constructed with 152 mm (6") cold formed steel and sheathed with 11.13 mm (7/16") material. Roofs include additional ice and water shield protection as standard.

Aesthetic Details

Roofs use architectural shingles and continuous aluminum fascia and soffits are standard. Interiors are fitted with luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, and luan board wall and ceiling covering.

Windows & Doors

Windows used are residential grade, double pane, and vinyl. Units have a steel entry door with a half window, and a vinyl patio door with sealed thermal units and mortise handle.

Smart Electrical

LED lighting throughout, using a combination of pot lights, flush mount ceiling fixtures, and pendant lights (upgrade option). Units come pre-wired for a ground unit air conditioner.

Heating & Cooling

Standard built-in heating and cooling (mini-split), and programmable wall thermostat. 50 CFM bathroom fan, vented range hood fan, and a ceiling fan.

Flexible Plumbing

Cross-linked polyethylene water lines and fittings and sleeved supply line. 16 gallon, gas, direct spark ignition (DSI) water heater as standard (electric and on-demand options available).

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