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Rapid Response: Mobile Health Units for the COVID-19 Crisis [Case Study]

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Challenge:

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the Canadian government found itself grappling with an urgent healthcare crisis. As hospitalizations surged, it became clear that our healthcare system was at risk of being overwhelmed. An immediate solution was needed to manage patient overflow and provide critical care services.

Our Response:

Stepping up to the challenge, MetaLigna, in partnership with SNC-Lavalin-PAE Inc., formed a dedicated team to design and manufacture an innovative solution - the Mobile Health Unit (MHU). These 100-bed mobile hospital units were Health-Canada-approved and designed as fully-functioning ICUs. Impressively, the first MHU was designed and manufactured in just 16 weeks.

The Results:

The MHUs were a game-changer in the fight against COVID-19. Capable of being transported by a C-10 plane, train, boat, or truck, these units could be swiftly deployed to any location across the country. In addition, they were designed to be re-packaged after use and redeployed to other areas as required.

One notable deployment was to the Greater Toronto Area, where Mobile Health Unit's played a vital role in relieving pressure on the local healthcare system, which was strained due to a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases.


This project showcased MetaLigna's capability to swiftly respond to an urgent healthcare crisis, underlining our commitment to innovation and society's well-being. The MHUs served as a testament to our dedication to providing sustainable, eco-friendly modular building solutions in the face of unprecedented challenges. As a certified MRCU provider, MetaLigna continues to stand ready to build modular health centers and hospitals worldwide.

More Information:

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