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Inside of Modular Home Facility in Ontario Canada

Every MetaLigna product starts with high-quality, certified, recycled, cold-formed steel framing. From there, all materials and components in our designs are assessed for environmental impact, durability, and end-user costs. Using high-tech value engineering and expert input, each product, while uniquely designed for its target audience, demonstrates our dedication to superior craftsmanship and innovative design principles.

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Craft Modular Product Available in a range of sizes for backyards, laneways, and more. Add an extra, standalone living space to increase the value of your property, house a family member, or provide extra rental income. 

Modular Homes

Craft Modular Product A fast, convenient solution to own the home of your dreams. We specialize in innovative, right-priced single-family housing that gives you all the quality and innovation of a new-build without breaking the bank.  

Manufactured Homes

The same performance, quality, and beauty as a conventional home with the cost savings that only MetaLigna’s honed take on repeatability can achieve. Optimal for property and community developers.

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Park Models

If you own a park or a resort, Park Models by MetaLigna are a must. Our products exceed industry standards for durability and end-users love our high-end designs, manufactured for comfort and style. 

Commercial & Mixed Use

Go prefab, modular, or a combination for your next commercial project to save time, money, and headaches. We offer custom design and manufacturing services that provide cost surety, durability, sustainability, and lower whole-lifecycle costs.    

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Our innovative team will work with you to create residences up to 12 storeys. Whether its apartments, condos, or multiplexes, we tailor products to: meet your needs, be rapidly manufactured, and installed with ease. 

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