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To be a leader in providing cost-efficient and innovative prefabricated and modular solutions for the housing and construction industry in North America and beyond.

Our Mission

At MetaLigna, integrity means actions aligned with beliefs. Integrity is an essential value throughout our company, from how we treat our employees to an idea’s inception to a project’s execution and throughout after-sales customer support. We firmly believe that integrity forms the core of good business, allowing us to foster enduring relationships with our customers, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and accountability. 



All MetaLigna products are designed and manufactured in a controlled environment. Using advanced design for manufacture assembly (DfMA) methods, we check all designs digitally before a product ever hits the shop floor. In-house experts and consultants value-engineer every product, improving materials use, assembly processes, and environmental impact to optimize performance. Once a design has been thoroughly vetted, it is digitally transformed into a precise bill of materials (BOM), and designs are transmitted to our procurement and manufacturing team. Efficiency is the backbone that upholds our commitments to the people and the plant; thus, we hold ourselves to the highest efficiency standards.   



Building System for Modular Building

Sustainability is at the heart of everything MetaLigna does; we understand that the choices of today shape the world of tomorrow. Our commitment starts with our choice to use 100% recyclable, Canadian-sourced, cold rolled, light gauge steel for all our products’ framing. On average, every 2000 sqft (18.5m2) MetaLigna produces saves 37 trees from being cut down for framing material and uses the equivalent of 6 recycled cars. But it doesn’t stop there — using precision design and manufacturing techniques, we choose environmentally responsible materials and significantly reduce waste compared to conventional construction methods during the manufacturing process. 



Affordable Manufactured Homes Ontario

MetaLigna products are especially noted by our customers as meeting quality while retaining affordability. Our modular and prefabricated products have stringent inspection protocols that, by the nature of our methodology, exceed those of most site-built projects. It starts with our steel, which is inspected and validated upon arrival; next, every framing member is checked for compliance immediately after it is produced. From there, assemblies are checked progressively for quality at each interval of a kit or building’s assembly. Stringent inspection protocols are followed, and every product undergoes in-factory testing at various stages. Thanks to our regulated processes, every product that leaves our facility is guaranteed and warrantied to be of excellent quality.  



Without innovation, we'd be confined to the limitations of the past, missing out on groundbreaking advancements and transformative possibilities that drive progress and shape a better future. Innovation is the driving force behind humanity, empowering us to overcome challenges, discover new horizons, and unlock the full potential of our collective capabilities. Without it, we'd be stagnant, unable to adapt to changing circumstances, and limited in our ability to create solutions that address the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Embracing innovation is not merely a choice; it is an imperative that propels us forward, enriching the world at large with untold opportunities for growth and improvement.



Modular Home Facility in Arnprior Ontario

About Us

A Company Building History

In 2021, industry leaders joined forces to answer the government’s call for a mobile medical health unit. In just four months, MetaLigna produced the world’s first Health Canada-approved mobile ICU.  


In 2022, MetaLigna acquired a large facility, producing custom and repeatable light gauge steel buildings, and launched a series of volumetric modular products.


As 2023 unfolds, we are continuously growing our catalogue; for example, the Piccolo, a 392 sqft (36.4 m2) home, débuted at the 2023 Ottawa Home and Garden Show. So, keep coming back to see how MetaLigna is changing the game in prefabricated and modular manufacturing.   

MetaLigna Manufacturing Facility – Arnprior Ontario

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